Where you at Brew?

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Where you at Brew?

Postby sunsnake » Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:41 am

Whats the 411? I've logged into the Teamspeak every once in a while to chat and haven't found you there or on the server. Heard you were still working on getting stats back. And how did your super duper new computer come out?

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Re: Where you at Brew?

Postby Brewmeisterman » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:18 am

The stats are proving to be somewhat recalcitrant, i.e. I have no bloody idea of where to turn to next. I even hired a 'professional' Linux guy to look at it and he failed miserably, his only recommendation is to completely re-install the server.

Not gonna happen...

The super duper all singing all dancing new computer turned out somewhat more expensive than I estimated. As you know I won a raffle prize of the latest iteration of Intels cpu. Great, whip my old machine apart install new chip and away we go - except we didn't. My old machine had a 2011 board and the new chip needed a 1151. Damn! OK buy new board (£190) and ooer it needs DDR4 and my old PC is DDR3(£225). Sigh, OK new ram. Install chip and well look at that, the effin cpu cooler doesn't fit this board. So new cooler (£65) and fkit while I'm going down this road I also bought an Intel Optane chip (£45). OKAAY are we set? Err not quite. The old machine had three two Terabyte drives.... ask me which one failed.. go on ask me... The FREAKIN C drive was dead as a very dead thing, zip, zilch, nada, deader than dead... The new machine now has only two drives. Of course that nice Mr Gates then tells me my Windows licence is not valid now and I have to buy a new copy of Windows 10. Bill you can kiss my arse!
Not to worry, everything backs up to my NAS server so it's just a case of..... Oh sh*t, the NAS drive is also dead and has been for sometime and I'd not noticed - ever see a strong man cry?
All in all winning a free cpu was not so lucky. The new build is not noticeably faster than the old machine and I may as well not bothered.

So what that and Google issuing an Abuse notice, the guys in Strasbourg taking the server of line and screwing it up and my utter failure to bring the stats back I'd say everything in the garden is lovely and if I'm very, very good they will let me feed myself tomorrow...

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Re: Where you at Brew?

Postby sunsnake » Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:51 pm

Dadgum....going well then? Sorry to hear all that.

Have you thought about starting stats over? Maybe immortalizing the first set on the forum by putting out a list of the top 25, or a complete list?

I gave up having a "super duper" computer a while ago. I have an nice 2012 top of the line business laptop that more than runs my favorite game, bf2! And most of my other antique games. I agree that having a super duper computer becomes a money pit. I'd hate to think of what it would cost to put together something like you are. I've become a cheapster in my old age!
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Re: Where you at Brew?

Postby Rogue(RS)Rhino » Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:26 pm

That is a very sad story. It made me cringe just reading it. I'm surprised the computer is still intact. Taking time in the garden to enjoy the finer things in life sounds good. However, wasting bots it right up there. Good luck which ever way you go. Looking forward to gaming here more often. Battle on.
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