AIX is alive in October 2014!!!!

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AIX is alive in October 2014!!!!

Postby flanker » Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:24 pm

Just so everyone knows....AIX is still alive in October 2014!

But after the SFU server went down I'd like to know if everyone left.

Where did you go?

Hope you will be back...and will report in here so we might be able to get some intel and set up for new games. Tell us what server you like and what you would like to see. Maybe we can ask around and get some other maps, etc.

FYI - a week ago I put BF2 and AIX and any other mods and maps with BF2hub on my computer and everything worked....very little hassle. Fortunately Origin has the latest patch and widescreen support built into their BF2 package so it was easy for me. I tried the vanilla side and all my stats showed up, as well as my AIX stats. The good folks here have kept the servicing infrastructure available, thanks guys!

So DON'T PANIC! Keep calm and drive on! Check in here and maybe we can make this the best time yet for those of us who stick around!

8) 8)
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Re: AIX is alive in October 2014!!!!

Postby flanker » Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:23 pm


Is "Battlefield for all" the official AIXS server that belongs to the AIX team? I didn't know that or I probably would have made that my home server during my Aix days. It's good to know it's there, I've been on with a couple other SFU players today. Haven't used the teamspeak, is this server info still correct?

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Re: AIX is alive in October 2014!!!!

Postby Brewmeisterman » Tue Sep 30, 2014 3:49 pm

The 'AIX team' (the guys that created it) retired long ago. We, (Cartoon Killer, Lolsmurf and myself) took it over when it was in danger of ending. Cartoon and myself now keep it running - Lolsmurf has retired - So in that respect I suppose we are the 'official' AIX server.

The server,located in Germany, runs the game, stats, forum and the TS server.

AIX statistics TS addy is: and everyone is more than welcome.

I have my own TS server at: that is always up when I'm online, again everyone welcome.

I try to keep the in game messages to a minimum but TS details will appear as you play and are correct.

I note you're in the US so due to the time difference you will probably be on around the same time as Cartoon (Canada) whereas I'm in the UK. Cartoon and I chat on TS and play most days but it makes it veerrry late for me. Hrdware Addict is in your neck of the woods and has his own server which is ranked: AIX Hot Brass.

Have fun

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