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Re: stats server

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:32 am
by RiP-Master
Hi Brew,

als langjähriger linux-anwender weis ich aus erfahrung, das konstrukte wie iptables, firewall oder rule based firewall nur dann sinn machen, wenn wenige ip's und wenige port's verwaltet werden müssen.

bei einem root mit gameserver, rank, bf2hub-connect und hp sieht das aber ganz anderst aus.
hier werden auf den beiden ip's sehr viele port's benötigt. die meisten mit udp und dynamisch allokiert.
die alle auf iptables abzubilden macht keinen sinn, zumal die meisten connect's und damit die verwendeten port's nicht sichtbar sind.

hint: zum testen beide abschalten.

unter: www/ASP/logs/_processed liegen die transver-log's von den game-servern.
ACHTUNG: das könnten viele tausend sein ! und das währe sehr schlecht.wenn die festplatte einen füllungs-grad von > 90% erreicht, gibt es ärger. im extrem-fall crasht das ganze system.
hint: alles löschen was älter als eine woche ist. wichtig: immer nur 2-3 files gleizeitig löschen und dann 3-4 sekunden warten.

frage: wann war das letzte log ( datum + uhrzeit ) und steht dort, das die übertragung in die db erfolgt ist ?

bist du sicher, das die ip 85xxx durch geschaltet ist ?

gruss rip

Re: stats server

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2019 11:41 pm
by Brewmeisterman
OK the latest development in the stats saga... there isn't one.

I have employed a professional company to look at this and the result is zero.

The cost had not been cheap and I am not going to throw any more money at it.

So gentlemen it is what it is I'm afraid, the stats are permanently broken. With the stats down the server attracts very few players so I will have to consider the future of AIX


Re: stats server

PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2019 12:23 am
by Brewmeisterman
This is the report from the professional:

Checking the server logs, I cannot see any post requests to your stats server from your own BF2 server. This being the case, it would appear that it is not even trying. I was hoping to see if the change I made had at least had a positive effect on your server. If so, it would have provided confirmation that I had found the issue. If you are able to put one of the other BF2 server admins in touch with me, I can suggest a way that they can also try the modification. It would be good to test this, if at all possible.

I have found no way of altering how the web server works to clean up the requests. As I mentioned before, there are several ways of doing it, but I really don't think that it would be cost-effective. The code that is submitting these rejected requests is definitely in the mod, rather than something that EA provided so whoever provides the stats mod code (is it BF2Hub?) could easily fix this by updating their client code and then advising people to download it.

As mentioned above, the file in question is /home/game/bf2server/python/bf2-aix_stats_original/stats/ on your server and it is compiled to a miniclient.pyc file. Whoever has responsibility for this file could change it. It is also possible to edit the .pyc file and replace the tab character with a space. If we can test this and it results in your server gathering stats again, you can advise other people as well.

I noticed that when manually processing some of the files, the stats engine was reporting an error. This may just be a warning to indicate that it stopped processing at a fixed limit, or it could also indicate why stats are not being recorded. I can tell you where this is occurring as well (it is visible in the server logs). Without reviewing the code, I cannot explain why the error happens. It could be a regression in the PHP software (unlikely) or it could just be something that is expected in the code. If it turns out that this is one of the reasons for the problem, a whole new can of worms has been opened and I think your final comment probably holds true.

I have put in quite a lot of personal hours into this and would really like to see a resolution for you, if possible. Ultimately at some point I will have to draw the line, but I am happy to spend a little longer as I do think we are near to a resolution, unless something else pops out of the woodwork (such as the error above being more serious than just a warning that a limit was reached).

Best wishes,


Re: stats server

PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2019 2:42 pm
by RiP-Master
Hi Brew,

interessante entwicklung, nur in die falsche richtung.

ich glaube das dein root soweit funktioniert. irgend welche umbauten machen keinen sinn und sind auch nicht nötig.

ich sehe 2 möglichkeiten für das schreib-problem:

1. die ip 85xxx: ist die wirklich freigeschaltet ?
test: unter /ASP/system/logs und /ASP/system/snapshots müsse viele files mit aktuellem datum liegen.
- wenn ja: was steht da drin ? irgendwelche error's ?
- wenn nein: um am ranking teil zu nehmen, muss die ip der game-server eingetragen werden. ist das so ?

die log's von apache und php sind auch ganz interessant.

gruss rip