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Re: Commander in CO-OP

Postby zznova » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:46 pm

BATTLE FOR ALL OF EUROPE server was running Bizerte map so i tried commander as medic kit and ended the round(won it) with 609 points yet was not given the veterns badge even thou i have over 1000 command points.

stats for veterns badge:
IAR: 25 minutes as Commander: played for 1hr.(total time 7hrs 47mins posting.
1,000 command points:i have 1378 points at time of posting.
Basic Command Badge: have it.

do you have to get 1000 points in a round?
if so can someone post a screen shot of a 1000 point round as commander.

side note:
also played PUSH DAY and was tring for veterns knife badge yet it skipped over veterns and i recieved the expert badge when i reached the need kills for expert. hmmmm.
and yes my stats show i have the veterns badge,just thought i'd let you know.
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Re: Commander in CO-OP

Postby zznova » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:10 am

played on BITE-ME,PUSH DAY, as commander,granted the map only lasted 11mins,but my stats still don't show me with a veterns badge for commander. (i'll keep trying tho.) :?
my commander score now is 1430 with time in at 8h 02m 11s.

also his server is haveing problems keep the maps on 32,64 player mode.
he can start the sever and the first map will be 32,64,but when the next map pops up it reverts to 16 player.
any suggestion? :ugeek:
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Re: Commander in CO-OP

Postby Merc41 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 1:47 pm

lolsmurf wrote:
Maybe, the serverhoster does not allow 32/64 maps and than you have a problem. The first map you probably can use as 64 but the limitation in the serversettings, will switch next map to 16 or 32 players. You can not change that! Usually 32/64 player servers are very expencive arround $ 45,00 a month, or even more. That's why recommended an own serverbox for Merc41.

Ok guys, I think I have FINALLY solved the problem.

The problem is Modmanager. the file, by default, sets map sizes to 16. So, I found version 1.9 of modmanager, uploaded to server, and took th FIXED file and uploaded it to server as well. Played 3 games and all maps are now at 64.

Here is link to article: ... 142-a.html

So far so good.


EDIT: I did some adjustments to my server this morning and when restarted, reverted back to 16 players maps. I stopped/restarted the server many times using bf2cc this morning with no difference. SO, I stopped the server, connected to it via FTP, and went into the /mods/aix2/mods/bf2/settings/ folder and opened up the maplist.con file. Sure enough, they were all size 16. I edited them on the fly, saved the newly corrected maplist.con file and restarted the server. Presto, they are all on 64 again.

Apparently, bf2cc does not do anything to this particular file except save it as default size 16 no matter what you do.

Also, pretty strange directory structure, never seen a mods/aix2/mods/ setting before. Must be a server thing.

Anyway, it is working.
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Re: Commander in CO-OP

Postby Merc41 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:42 pm

Yesterday Morning, I went to bf2cc. loaded it up...went to the settings. Adjusted the tickets a little higher, clicked on the Save disk at bottom of screen on the Dashboard. Then, restarted server.

ALL maps were at size 16, the only changes I made were the above mentioned ones. I really don't know what else to say other than IT is working the way I have it now..and I am not about to change it. LoL.

THanks for the edit..I did go in and change that to a little bit larger number.


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