For those who forget, or simply don't know, here is a step by step installation of files.


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Installing a new map is easy but not obvious if you are new to the game.
If you find a server playing a map you don't have a look in our download section or ask in the forum, we have a lot of maps and not all are downloadable unless they are asked for.
So, download whichever map you have chosen, the default setting saves it to your 'download' folder but clicking 'save as' allows you place it wherever you like.
Maps are either zipped or rar compressed and need unpacking.
Using 'Winzip' or '7Zip' double click the file and you see a folder within the program pane that will open. If you open this folder you will see more zipped files, DO NOT unzip them! Simply drag and drop or copy and paste the entire folder to : C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\AIX2\Levels - unless you run your game from a non default location.
Please remember you must restart the game to play the map.
And that's it, easy peasy :D
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