Ranking setting for AIX mod when you load your game.

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Ranking setting for AIX mod when you load your game.

Postby Quick*Rele@se* » Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:27 pm

BFHQ, For those that don't know how to setup your BFHQ to AIX mod stats & ranking system.

1. Make sure you have Bf2hub install on your pc, https://www.bf2hub.com/home/downloads.php, now open it up, now across the top you should see 4 box's 3 are green & 1 is yellow.
2. now you should see a box that says ( Bacic Setting ) open that up, at the 2 bottom one that say (Ranking to be used for in-game BFHQ (Vinilla and Special Forces), click on Change and go to Custom to change IP Address or Hostname to and okay it.I would do both (Changes)
3. Now that all done close of your BF2hub, also if you have your Bf2 game open, you should also close out of that.
4. Now repon your Bf2 game and once your their open your BFHQ and then you should see all AIX leaderboard and your stats, plus much more. :P
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